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¿Cómo se dice...?

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In our homeschooling adventure I've been looking for a good foreign language program for Kevin, preferably something on the computer. He has a JumpStart program that has 5 languages in it, but it doesn't hold his interest and doesn't really approach the language in a teaching manner...it's just stories read in a different language.

Someone in one of the homeschooling communities mentioned Rosetta Stone and I remembered seeing the kiosks at different airports and other places and remembered all the hype when the company first started so I decided to check out their website. They have a good demo of how the program works and more in depth demos of the actual program. I was trying to figure out if it was possible to check out the K-5 version or if I would have to get the personal program. Turns out they have a home school version, with worksheets, tests and a teachers guide for the same price as the regular version (for now it's less, they're having a sale).

Anyhow, I was thinking about getting it since I wouldn't mind brushing up on my Spanish as well and I liked the immersion approach. I did some research and while I was looking through the reviews someone mentioned that their library offered it if you had a card and anyone could get their card for $30. Before getting their card I decided to try my own library and sure enough, they had it online (and our card's free).

So, if you're looking to learn a forign language, check your libraries on-line offering you may be surprised.
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